NAREP won’t be part of those condemning PF says Chipimo Jr.

The National Restoration Party has distanced itself from opposition political parties bent on condemning everything that the PF government does.

Speaking to QFM News, party leader Elias Chipimo Junior says NAREP’s policy is to focus on issue based politics.

Mr.Chipimo adds that his party also focuses on discussing developmental ideas and not discussing people and personalities.

He adds that NAREP’s interest is to provide alternative solutions to problems and not insult and backstabbing as the case is in opposition parties.

Mr.Chipimo says his party has been in the forefront of pointing out things that are wrong in the PF administration and has commended government were it feels the government has done well.

He has further urged other opposition political parties to commend government where necessary as a way of encouraging the ruling party to do even better.