NAREP picks candidates for coming by-elections

Michelle M. Manda NAREP adopted candidate for Malambo

Michelle M. Manda NAREP adopted candidate for Malambo

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has picked its candidates for the coming three parliamentary by-elections in Petauke Central, Mkaika and Malambo constituencies of Eastern Province.

The party has picked Nigel Mpakateni for Mkaika, Abel Phiri for Petauke Central and Michelle Mbilikwao Manda for Malambo.

Party President Elias Chipimo announced the names at a media brifing in Lusaka on Sunday July 28,2013.

“The three candidates understand fully what is at stake in our politics today.

They also share the vision of a new Zambia that will be governed by leaders that are not tainted by the politics of the past; a new generation of leaders – prepared to guide the nation to prosperity through a commitment to the values that continue to define who we are as a Party .” he said.

And Chipimo has noted that there is need for the county to elect leaders and not politician for the country to move forward in development.

He said the country is in desperate need of quality leadership at all levels of society who will understand the difference between politics and leadership.

He explained that a true leader will be more concerned about the interests of the nation and the people while a politican will be more concerned in increaing numbers parliament.

Chipimo has meanwhile, commended the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for standing up and denouncing the abuse of electoral laws by the Patriotic Front (PF) and other organisations and individuals for speaking out against the ills by government.

He said he expects every Zambian that cares about the contry to begin a silent revolution to support the call for better governance, tolerance, and freedom.

Chipimo has since expressed confidence that the party will scoop the forth coming parlaimentary by-elections.

The ECZ has set September 5,2013 as the date for the named three by-election including Mulobezi in Western Province.

The Mulobezi, Petauke Central and Malambo parlaimentary by-elections were as a result of the Supreme Court nullifying the results of the MPs, while the Mkaika seat fell vacant after MP, David Phiri resigned fro the MMD to join the PF.