NAREP Condems Fellow Opposition

Narep youth league MutaleThe NAREP National Youth League has been saddened by the remarks made from South African by Dr Nevers Mumba, the UPND leader and Mr Sakwiba Sikota!  We would like to remind these Opposition leaders to place their priorities right says Mr Aquino Sampa Mutale.

The Opposition leaders should know better than to discredit, castigate and undermine the state of our nation on Foreign Soil. At no time has any Opposition Political Party been denied their freedom to hold Press Conferences from their respective Secretariats – not even Dr Nevers Mumba from his Kabulonga Home! Today we ask, why South Africa!?

However disorganised one’s Father is, such a father attribute would never warranty a Son’s extreme hate to the extent of not only publicly undermining his own Father from the neighbour’s Yard but demanding an outright penalty instituted against the him by his Allies. Where is our inherent duty as citizens to promote and defend this national we Call our home!?

Kulubemba tweba ukweba ati, “umwana ushakwata akatina nomuchinshi, ninshi temwana iyo!” Without hesitation, such a Child would be disowned! And ba Nevers, ba HH naba Sakwiba do not deserve any better!

If what they have demanded of the Commonwealth do succeeded, who would suffer the repercussions!? Is it not the very People they claim to speak on behalf of!? Is it not the ordinary Zambian struggling to survive on our Streets and in our Markets!? The NAREP Youth League unreservedly condemn the behaviour of Dr. Mumba, Mr Hichilema and Mr Sikota!