Namulambe’s adoption a mockery to the PF corruption fight-TIZ

PF Candidate for Mpongwe

PF Candidate for Mpongwe

Transparency International Zambia Chapter (TIZ) says the nomination of Gabriel Namulambe by the Patriotic Front to represent the ruling party in the Mpongwe by-elections sends a wrong signal to government’s quest to fight corruption.

TIZ Executive Director Goodwell Lungu says the action clearly demonstrates that the PF can easily accept former MMD government officials whom it has loudly said were allegedly corrupt to now become part of the PF for political convenience and not on principle.

Mr. Lungu says it is a known fact that Mr. Namulambe is currently facing criminal prosecutions in the courts and having such an individual represent a party in government that is allegedly allergic to corruption is inimical to the party’s energy of fighting corruption.

He has since strongly advised the Patriotic Front government to lead by example by requesting Mr. Namulambe to concentrate on clearing his name for the alleged offenses he is being prosecuted for.

Mr. Lungu tells QFM news in a statement that in as much as Mr. Namulambe’s democratic right to resign and join a party of his choice, TIZ believes that it is wrong for such candidates to be given a second chance of re-contesting because of their self inflicted by-election which subjects huge sums of tax payers’ money to wastage.

He categorically states that TIZ has got nothing against Mr. Namulambe as his organizations’ main interest is to constantly keep reminding government to avoid diluting the corruption fight and sending signals that the PF is becoming a haven for those who are seeking protection.

Mr. Lungu states that TIZ will closely monitor Mr. Namulambe’s corruption charges to avoid any foreseeable miscarriage of justice.