Namulambe thanks Mpongwe voters

FOREIGN affairs deputy minister Gabriel Namulambe says riding on weak political parties will not take the UPND anywhere because they do not have a national identity.

Commenting on the loose alliance that has been entered into by the UPND and the MMD, Namulambe who is former MMD chairman for elections and is now PF Mpongwe member of parliament, said the loose alliance was not a threat to the PF.

“What Zambians must learn out of these loose political alliances is that the UPND has been at it all these times and they have never yielded any positive results. There is nothing new that they are bringing on the table because they have failed in the past and have continued failing. Even this time around, they will not do anything. It is not wise to associate yourself with a losing party always, a party which loses every election,” Namulambe said.

He said the decision by MMD not to contest the Lukulu West and Kapiri Mposhi by-elections was an indication that the party was dying.