Namulambe claims left MMD due to bickering, as Chilufya labels him a failure

Three of the five competing candidates in the 28th February Mpongwe by-election last night featured on ZNBC Race to Manda Hill programme urging the electorates in the area to vote for them.

Gabriel Namulambe the man who caused the by-election by resigning from MMD to join the ruling PF said he wanted to continue implementing the projects he started in the area.

Mr. Namulambe said he created the by-election because the MMD was concentrating on bickering at the expense of development.

He said knew Mpongwe very well and thought he can only develop it as a member of the ruling party.

Mr. Namulambe who kept on referring to the bickering in the MMD as reason for leaving the party did not refer to the fact that there is also bickering in PF as they want to expel Kabwata MP, who is also Foreign Affairs Minister, Given Lubinda.

There is also bickering in PF involving Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and Justice Minister Winter Kabimba over corruption allegations.