Namulambe accused of setting polling station at his farm

PF candidate in the 28th February Mpongwe by-elections Gabriel Namulambe risks being voted out due to his greed amid accusations of constituency development funds (CDF) abuse and failure to bring development to the constituency and town as a whole.

And MMD candidate Miniver Mutesa has charged that Namulambe is a failure who must not be trusted with the office of parliamentarian again and has described the polling station established in his farm premises as an electoral fraud.

Ward officials spoken to said the departure alongside Namulambe, of some of the constituency officials had no impact on the former ruling party as voter influence was concentrated in the individual wards and not mere constituency office bearers.

According to the officials who have vowed to back their candidate, Namulambe did not consult his electorate when President Sata enticed him to join the PF.