My secret is honesty, says Munkombwe

SOUTHERN Province minister Daniel Munkombwe says he is a political mathematician and survivor because of being honest.

Addressing PF cadres who welcomed him at the former provincial administrative office, Munkombwe said he did not want to continue being politically stagnant as he did in UNIP.

“I am a political survivor because of my being honest, because of my being hard working and because of being a man of the people. I look for people who are less privileged, I want to give them something if I have every time. If you are in politics and you want to survive, the words that come out of your mouth must be clean. You must not incite people to commit crime if you want to be a leader. You must also tell people that all tribes in Zambia are equal,” he said.

Munkombwe urged MMD members who were still in the former ruling party not to be hesitant in joining him into PF.