My leadership so far within a year- Joyce Banda

My dear friends

Posted on her facebook page.

“After morning prayers I went to address people who came from all walks of life to wish me well . I briefed the gathering about my leadership so far within a year.”

So far, I have ended long queues in our petrol stations, petrol is now available across the country. No more need to sleep within the vicinity of petrol stations to be the first to buy fuel as it used to be.

Today, I have restored the confidence of democracy , contact and dialogue making it possible to sit down with interested groups and organisations on matters of national interest and agree the best way forward.

Today, the civil societies are able to express their views in whatever manner without facing threats of victimisation and without living in fear of their lives.

Today I have put in place monumental projects to improve the agricultural production, energy/ .electricity supply , reduce child mortality rates , empower women and young people in the country. The Malawi-Mozambique power interconnection agreement is one of the things my government is committed to come to fruition.

When I talk of agriculture I mean targeted agricultural system to return to self-sufficiency in food production.That’s why I have launched the one cow per family project, that’s why I have launched the twice a year planting seasons and that’s why I have confidence these projects will not only promote food self –sufficiency for our country but will also generate income for our farmers by selling of surplus produce.

To this day I have set up an advisory committee that are working around the clock to look into the investment of mining sector as Malawi is fast discovering its wealth in minerals and energy.
This is another sector that my government has set it’s eyes on to diversify its revenue instead of traditionally just relying on agriculture and tourism as main income generators.

I have set the stage for free and fair elections by constituting an electoral commission comprising of Malawians with impeccable credentials for firmness and incorruptibility. I truly believe in fairness and equality!

I have instructed our police to maintain law and order. I have instructed our Anti-Corruption Bureau to speed up the war against corruption and to not respect names of individuals in the process of fighting corruption as part of improving our economy.

I have advanced our country’s international relations and , as you are aware, Malawi is now accorded the respectability in the global arena than ever before. I believe Malawi cannot develop on its own without good relations with others.

From the moment I was sworn in as President, I decided not to place partisan politics above the immediate needs and priorities of our people. I formed an inclusive government comprising of different political parties so we can work together how to develop this beloved country.

I have promoted unity amongst all citizens from different backgrounds, north, south and central by insisting on the capabilities of individuals and their talents / skills to develop this nation without looking at where one comes from. I strongly believe that without unity development of a country is distracted.

I promise to this country that I will continue to provide this kind of leadership that is not contaminated with prejudices and hatred of the past. I will continue to be a leader who listens to the voices of the people and a leader who engages with all participants be it from civil society , opposition or goverment to solve the everyday problems that confronts our people and I will also continue to be a leader who believes in respecting the rule of law by promoting equality and justice for all our citizens.

My fellow Malawians, I urge you that we must all work together and that we must all work hard to create a nation of abundancy, love, peace, transparency, accountability and prosperity.

I thank you all for your support and prayers.

May God bless you all

And may God bless the land of Malawi.

Dr Joyce Banda
Republic of Malawi