My fellow Easterners are being used by Sata to kill democracy

By Fikizolo Daka

There is something I have noticed about the current malicious happenings in our country. To be truthful and straight forward most of the people Mr Sata has used to execute his dictatorship activities, are mostly Easterners.

I am saying this with facts on my finger tips. I am a full time Easterner, born and bred in Eastern Province in Chipata at Mtalachiwa Village in Magwero area.

But what I have seen from the activities of many Easterners in the PF regime and the sympathizers is very embarrassing and disappointing to me and the whole province.

Let’s analyse through these characters:

Dr.Solomon Jere the Deputy Commissioner of police has been Mr Sata’s right hand man in cracking down the opposition political leaders using the police.

Mary Tembo the police commissioner of Copperbelt has been wrathfully used to bring down some opposition leaders like Nevers Mumba

Mr.Lungu, minister of home affairs has been on the helm of executing Deportations and silencing the opposition leaders including the anyone against all the evils of PF.It is the same Lungu who was influencing Andeleki to deregister the MMD.

Mr.Goodwell Lungu, the Transparency International Zambia has been working with the PF government to silence and intimidate certain individuals.Thus, he has been sponsored by the government to make sure the issue of immunity of RB is tabled.

Judge Ngoma, Sata’s former body guard who has been used in abductions and intimidation of voters in Mufumbwe and other areas of Zambia.

A good number of Magistrates, who have been used to preside over politically instigated cases against the opposition, have been Easterners. For instance, Magistrate Joshua Banda

Which only chief has been a champion of one-party state? Paramount Chief Mpezeni has been convincing opposition members of Parliament in Eastern Province to resign and join PF.

How about Silvia Tembo also called Masebo who was corruptly brought by Sata by making sure the duly elected MMD Mp resign to weaken the opposition.

Mr.Banda, the LAZ president has been very quite when PF is willfully  breaking the law, but he will come out strongly against opposition members when perceived to have broken the law.

Francis Mwale Director IT OP is heading the ten man team instituted by PF government to hack and read and tap private messages like Emails and phone calls.

A PF cadre operating as police officer, who was assaulted by the UPND cadres when he was recruited by the PF officials to cause confusions and embarrass UPND is Adam Banda.

How about the PF cadre who was killed by fellow PF cadres in Rufunsa after being hired from Lusaka District by Silvia Tembo (Masebo) to intimidate the opposition members. It was Menyani Zulu.

Why is it that Sata has found it easier to recruit Easterners to diminish democracy in Zambia and not any other tribe?
Are we Easterners so naïve or corrupt as to reduce ourselves to be useful idiots?

Our so called Paramount Chief Mpezeni would be seen childishly jostling around Sata like a headless chicken. Mr Sata knows how useless such a chap is and that is why he can tell him anything provided either beer or a woman or cash or all the above have been dished to him.

Where is our wisdom as Easterners to allow ourselves to be used as weapons to extinguish both democracy and other people’s lives for the sake of few kwachas?.

The only prominent guy who seems to be speaking with wisdom is General Miyanda.

People like Bishop Alick Banda who became eloquent speaking against the ills of RB, have now gone completely quiet but they can see the evils and assassination on democracy being perpetrated by the PF regime. May be he has been paid something to keep quiet, a rare characteristic of us Easterners.