My accounts are drying up, reveals Chipimo Jr

Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) leader Elias Chipimo Jr.has disclosed that his accounts are drying-up due to his involvement in politics.

Speaking when he featured on Assignment’s Muvi Television Sunday, May 5, 2013, Chipimo Jr said he has to go to an extent of disposing some property to get NAREP going.

“My accounts are drying up. I have to dispose off some property to get NAREP moving,” responded Chipimo Jr when asked about his wealth and how he benefited from the privatization programme.

Chipimo Jr said politics was draining alot of resources to the extent that he was getting worried about securing investments for his children’s school. He however said he had an obligation to join politics and help address the wrongs in the way the country is governed.

He said the death of his mother in a road traffic accident prompted him to join politics.

On the same programme, Chipimo Jr. urged President Michael Sata to bring an end to the continuous swearing ceremonies that has characterized his reign. He said the president needs to do one swearing in ceremony. He said the idea of having swearing ceremony all the time was not helping the country.

“There is need to stop these swearing in ceremony and just do one and let people get to work,” said Chipimo Jr.

He said unless otherwise there is need to do one big swearing-in ceremony and allow people to settle down and do the work until after five years.

The presidency of Michael Sata has been characterized by continuous swearing in ceremonies and during which he makes some pronouncements. President Sata has never held a Press Conference from the time he was sworn in as Zambia’s fifth president in October 2011.