Mwila says PF has not delivered, in-fighting has made him resign as D.Minister

Chipili Patriotic Front Member of Parliament has revealed that in-fighting in the party has forced him to resign his Ministrial position.

Davis Mwila who resigned Friday as Deputy Minister of Defence informed President Michael Sata in his resignation letter that he found it difficult to work with Geoffrey Mwamba.

Mwa…mba is Defence Minister and he is spearheading calls for Sata’s sole candidature in 2016.

” As discussed last time (people suspect me to be working with Mr, Kabimba and Ms. Masebo to campaign, a situation that is making it difficult to work with GBM), I have no option but to step down,” reads parts of Mwila’s letter.

The Chipili Parliamentarian thanked President Sata for according him an opportunity to serve the country. He said he hoped the PF will be able to deliver the campaign promises made to Zambians in the run up to being voted into government.

“I thank you for giving me time to serve you and the people of Zambia and to help deliver on the many promises we made to the people of Zambia.

Although we havent started delivering as yet, I pray we can deliver as a party in future,” Mwila said.

Mwila told President Sata to put the PF house in order saying the People of Zambia have confidence the PF. He warned that if nothing is done to stop the in-fighting the PF risk losing the confidence of the voters.