Mwata extols Sata’s leadership qualities

POLITICIANS of nowadays have a lot to prove to match the calibre of President Michael Sata, says Mwata Kazembe.

In an interview at his palace, Mwata Kazembe said he found it was difficult to compare President Sata’s political skills and quality to any politician in the country.

He said President Sata possessed a fighting spirit and humility which were absent in most politicians in Zambia today.

He urged today’s politicians to take time to learn “at the feet of President Sata” in order for them to acquire knowledge on how to be good politicians.

Mwata Kazembe said those who called President Sata a dictator needed to understand him properly, especially that he was a very kind-hearted person whith a lot of regard for everybody regardless of their class.

He said people who doubted President Sata needed to wait and see what he would have done by the end of his first term in office because he tied most of his words to action.