Mwanawasa Day – Let Public Decide [opinion]

ALLOW me to contribute to the discourse triggered by Maureen on her call to recognise her late husband our Third Republican President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa by naming the day he died as Mwanawasa Day.

It’s indisputable that Levy Mwanawasa contributed significantly to the development of Zambia in numerous ways both before and during his tenure of office.

As a result, the Fifth President Michael Sata honoured Levy Mwanawasa immediately after assuming office by naming the new stadium in Ndola and hospital in Lusaka after him.

This is a great honour indeed and Michael Sata will be remembered for generations to come as a man that recognised the contribution of others to our society.

The call by Maureen is not new because she also implored the Government of President Rupiah Banda in 2009 but was first echoed by the President of the SDA Church in Zambia in 2008 just after Dr Mwanawasa died.

I am of the opinion that Maureen should leave the matter to the Zambian populace to decide because already two massive institutions have been named after our late Third President Levy Mwanawasa.


Please work on Wusakili blocked sewer lines

IT is sad that 50 years after Zambia’s independence, residents of Wusakili Township near the main road to Nkana Stadium can still live in pathetic conditions.

Hundreds of houses have blocked sewer lines and it is by the grace of God that there is no outbreak of cholera.

What is the job of Nkana Water and Sewerage Company? What is the reason for its existence in Wusakili?

I am urging the management at Nkana Water to find a permanent solution to this because residents deserve to live in proper sanitary conditions.


Govt should increase funding to districts

SINCE the PF came into power, the country has seen massive infrastructure development, especially in the road sector.

Wherever, you go, you will find works on roads going on.

However, I would like to urge the Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda to enormously increase funding to District Health and Education Boards to clear outstanding payments for teachers and health workers who have gone on leave or died.

Once this is done, it will help a lot of families solve a lot of financial challenges they are facing.

Once the money is released controlling officers should use it for intended purpose.



Mugabe’s opinions on the West right

ROBERT Gabriel Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe has been termed by the Western world as the most stubborn African President ever because of his vast understanding of independence.

He believes there is no independence if you are still dependent on the same colonial masters for everything even management of your own resources.

I personally misconstrued that he just hates whites until I started analysing his international statements and opinions.

I then realised that most undeveloped and developing countries, though politically independent, were actually still relying on the colonial masters for nearly everything including managing their own vast natural resources.

Most countries have failed to utilise their natural resources to their maximum but left them to the aantage of the developed nations.

I, therefore, salute President Mugabe on his maiden statement when he implored SADC members to be financially sound for them to command their being than rely on other organisations or countries to help them.

And interestingly, SADC countries are endowed with a lot of wealth through their natural resources and the problem is just management of these natural resources.

With that g appeal from him to member countries to make SADC financially independent, I hope this is the beginning of African organisations to be self-reliant and realisation of implementation techniques should now follow.

Most African nations and organisations are very good at making policies but implementation has proved to be a disaster many a time.

I, therefore, urge and wish all SADC member countries to seriously reflect on that outstanding statement and find means and ways of empowering the organisation.

Wisdom Muyunda

Source : The Times of Zambia

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