Mwanajiti asks Sata to reverse salary decision

International Consultant Ngande Mwanajiti says the decision to award salary increments to President Michael Sata, Ministers, Members of Parliament and Constitution Office holders must be rescinded.

Mwanajiti was reacting to President Sata’s explanation today  that he is not the one who made the decision to increase salaries for himself and all Constitution Office holders, a position that has received a strong objection from the public.

“In view of HEMCS’s (His Excellence Micheal Chilufya Sata) clarification, Parliament must ACT and reverse its decision, since Zambians are opposed to the increments, given the context,” said Mwananjiti.

Mwanajiti who is also Chairman & Convener of the Freedom Foundation observed that it is important to appreciate the fact that public policy in which President Sata on one hand and MPs on the other hand are involved, is a matter which requires people participation. He said President Sata is on record as stating that the PF promotes pro-poor policies.

“Equally literally all MPs represent sections of our communities, which are poverty stricken,” Mwanajiti said. ”Under the circumstances, guided by imperatives of justice, equity and fairness, it is a problem for Zambians to allow identified Office holders to contribute towards the ever widening gap between the poor and rich.”

He observed that the increment is being done at a time when there have been reported labor unrest around the country, and there is an indication of a possible wage freeze. He said increasing salaries of the President, Ministers and MPs undermines industrial harmony as well as productivity.

Mwanajiti has called on Zambians to ensure that politicians, from the MPs to the President are held accountable for their actions. He has called for revisiting of the law which allows “MPs to ignore common sense and NOT  discuss their emoluments etc.”

“As decreed by our Constitution, Parliament, represents the people and what people want should all the time override any other consideration. Some Zambians have neither opportunity nor possibility for earning a salary from GRZ (government), he said. “So the salary increment is at variance with the times we live in.”

He said those who hold public office must accept that exercise delegated responsibility must  accommodate other view points