Mwamba reacts to Sata’s stopping of his endorsement campaign

Minister of Defence Mwamba

Minister of Defence Mwamba

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba who has been spearheading a campaign to have President Michael Sata as sole candidate for the 2016 General election has reacted to the President’s decision to stop the campaign.

Mwamba popularly known as GBM reacted by posting the following message on his Facebook Page;

As you are all aware, His Excellency President Michael Chilufya Sata has today, 16th September 2013, challenged all those with Presidential ambitions to come out in the open.

He further directed that sole candidacy endorsements should come to an end. Nothing has happened today to water-down the expressed confidence bestowed on the President by PF members.

My vote of confidence in President remains solid and unchanged because he has not asked us to take away the endorsements we expressed. I have no regrets that I endorsed President Sata in the first place.

Together with others, we democratically expressed our confidence in President Sata’s leadership and we are proud of the love members have for President Sata.

Lastly, I am urging all PF members across the country to remain solidly behind President Sata in order for the PF Government to deliver on the election manifesto to the people of Zambia. God bless Zambia