Mwamba defends Sata’s decision on his transfer to Western Province

Zambian eye Emmanuel MwambaWestern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba has defended President Michael Sata over his decision to transfer him to Western Province.

The transfer, which came barely two months after Mr. Mwamba was transferred from Northern Province to Eastern, has been received with mixed feelings in different sectors.

He said that people should understand that the Head of State had the right to transfer any civil servant to ensure that Government performs.

In an interview yesterday Mr Mwamba said that he hopes that the new permanent secretary Bert Mushala would continue to implement developmental plans, which he had put in place.

“Personally I am a civil servant who is oblige to work anywhere were the Head of State has assigned me,”he said

Recently ,the Church, Chiefs and the Patriotic Front Provincial Committee in Eastern Province were among those that have requested President Sata to consider allowing Mr Mwamba to stay in Eastern Province as he had initiated a lot of development programs which they feared, might not be carried out with his recent transfer.

President Michael Sata swapped Mr Mwamba with his counterpart from Western Province Mr Mushala.

Sources: LT.