Mutesa lauds education programmes for cadres

Dr Fred Mutesa says political education programmes for cadres tailored to promote peace based on the observance of the rule of law are vital.

Dr Mutesa who is Zambia for Empowerment and Development (ZED) leader said in an interview that political parties needed to implement education programmes that espouse higher values among cadres.

He was commenting on PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s recent statement during the launch of the party’s political education programme that a politically educated leadership and membership would think more about ideas and less about uncivil means of conducting politics such as violence.

“There is a difference between indoctrination and civic education. Terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda for instance or the fundamentalist Jihadist groups, they brainwash cadres to believe that by becoming suicide bombers, they are espousing some high values or higher values. So they are trained and they would call it political education.