Mutembo Nchito Struggling With Rupiah Banda’s Trial

The Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito’s merry go round in former President Rupiah Banda’s case has continued with yet another adjournment caused by Nchito’s delay to issue instructions on the matter.

State Advocate Dennis Simwinga told the court that Nchito had not yet given instructions on how to proceed with the matter.

Simwinga had asked for a 20 day adjournment to enable the state decide on whether or not to proceed with the matter but Banda’s lawyers objected saying the matter had been adjourned too many times so far.

The matter in which Banda has been charged with unlawful concealment of gratification involving nine light trucks from a Chinese firm Anzhui Construction was also adjourned yesterday after Magistrate Obbster Musukwa was involved in a road traffic accident.

Nchito has been holding a bulk of cases on hold not indicating how his juniors should proceed in the process embarrassing them as they continuously ask for adjournments.