Mushala urges prudent use of public funds

EASTERN Province permanent secretary Bert Mushala says public funds should be spent where there is value.

Addressing public workers and other stakeholders at Luangwa House on Tuesday, Mushala said the government was in a hurry to develop and that it had put more money in capital projects.

He disclosed that the province did not receive funding in the month of February and March this year.

“On the issues of funding, let me respond this way; in January we were funded, in February and March we were not funded but in April we have been funded this week. But this does not come without information, they did advise us that in February we are not going to be funded; that we are going to get the funding in March but in March we were not funded,” Mushala said.

“Right now we have been told to budget for the funding; we always budget three months before”and they have already told us that in May there will be no funding, we shall only be funded again in June.