Munkombwe’s sweet-talk, tells First Lady: “You are recognised in Africa”

Daniel Munkombwe

Daniel Munkombwe

Politics of benefits, Southern province Minister Daniel Munkombwe sweet-talked First Lady Christine Kaseba Sata telling her that she was a well recognized figure in Africa and Internationally.

Speaking in Choma where the First Lady joined other medical specialists in conducting several operations at Choma General Hospital in Southern province, Mukombwe who looked so jovial applauded Dr. Kaseba.

“You are recognized in Africa, you are recognized Internationally,” said Munkombwe who early this year stunned the country when he revealed that he was in politics in order to eat.

The First Lady is an Obstetrician and a Gynaecologist Doctor. In Choma, she with other Specialist medical officers performed several operations ranging from gynaecology complications to removal of fibroids and ovaries.

Dr Kaseba was on a two-day working visit as part of the 10-day mobile outreach programme organised by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child and Ubutala Bwa Bumi, a non-governmental organisation she runs.