Mumba Kapumpa likens ex-convict Kashiwa Bulaya to biblical Paul

LAWYER Mumba Kapumpa says Dr Kashiwa Bulaya, a former Ministry of Health permanent secretary and ex-convict who misappropriated about K3 billion meant for HIV positive Zambians’ immune boosters, is like the Apostle Paul who wrote most of the Bible’s inspiring books from prison.

And General Malimba Masheke says Dr Bulaya had done the country proud by authoring a book that discourages politics of insults and name-calling, while he was in prison.

During a closely-guarded launch of Dr Bulaya’s bulky book titled Party Construction, Organisation, Administration and Mobilisation at Lusaka’s Pamodzi Hotel Club Lounge on Friday evening, Kapumpa, who represented Dr Bulaya in his corruption and abuse of authority of office charges, said it took a specific type of character to write a book from prison.