Mulungushi university withholds results demanding penalty fees from students

Mulungushi University management have withheld results for the 2012/2013 second Semester to force students pay penalty fees.
The school is demanding that every student should first pay Kr180 before accessing results following the riots students staged against the PF regime’s removal of fuel and maize subsidies.
In May students demonstrated against subsidies removals and accommodation shortages.
Students demonstrated by blocking Great North Road for an hour and also by boycotting exams till their cries were heard.
The Student Center was burnt at the same time but the burning of the students centre was a separate incident.
But management blamed the students even if the Students centre was burnt days after the demonstrations.
‘It is so unfair that even without proper evidence the students will have to bear the cost and also inconveniencing as they (students) will need to travel to school to get their results as they won’t be able to access them online.