Mulenga’s death a blow to media – PFC

PRESS Freedom Committee (PFC) of The Post chairperson Leah Kabamba has described the death of Zambia Daily Mail Ndola bureau chief Kangwa Mulenga as a huge blow to the media industry.

Mulenga died at Apollo Hospital in India on Tuesday after an operation to remove a brain tumor.

Kabamba yesterday said Zambia Daily Mail and the media fraternity as a whole had lost Mulenga at a time the industry needed experienced people like him to mentor the new crop of journalists.

“It’s sad to lose one of us. The media already does not have a lot of experienced people. We are at a time when we need people that have been practicing journalism for a long time to mentor those of us that are getting into it now,” she said.

Kabamba conveyed the PFC’s heartfelt condolences to Mulenga’s family and the Zambia Daily Mail.