Mukuba mall project can’t take off amidst fraud allegations – lawyer

A LUSAKA law firm says Kitwe mayor Chileshe Bweupe cannot unilaterally sanction the development of a shopping mall at a zoo site by a South African developer when law enforcement agencies have not cleared serious allegations of fraud and forgery around the project.

In a submission to an Environmental Impact Assessment EIA scoping meeting on the intended construction of Mukuba Shopping Mall by Pridwin Properties held at Lothian House in Kitwe last Wednesday, Anock Mbambara of A. Mbambara Legal Practitioners submitted that there were serious allegations of fraud and forgery in the manner the project had been handled by both the council and the developer/promoter.

“Implicated or suspected individuals have not been cleared by relevant law enforcement wings. Clearly, a project premised on a foundation of forgery and fraud cannot be in the best interest of anyone, including residents of Kitwe,” Mbambara submitted.