Muhabi Lungu fears Imminent Food Riots

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy presidential spokesperson Muhabi Lungu says there could be a recurrence of the 1986 food riots if President Michael Sata does not reverse the removal of subsidies on fuel and mealie meal.

And Commerce deputy minister Miles Sata says the 90 days campaign promise on which the ruling party anchored its message was just a political rhetoric by the Patriotic Front.

Featuring on a highly charged Muvi Television The Assignment programme that had the duo flagging each other down at every opportunity, Lungu said it was strange that the PF was ready to curb the budget overrun allegedly caused by subsidies but not willing to cut expenditure on induced by-elections.

“I hope that I will not be arrested for this because it will be misunderstood. When the subsidy was removed in 1986 it caused riots on the Copperbelt and the person so beloved was Kaunda who began to face a very hard time.