Mtayachalo calls for reconciliation in MMD

WE must not pretend all is well because that leads to doom, says Copperbelt MMD information and publicity secretary Yotamu Mtayachalo.

Mtayachalo said complaining of members that left the party would not help it grow. He said the party must be seen to be providing the required leadership to inspire confidence in voters.

“We need to initiate dialogue and reconciliation within the MMD first than rushing to expel erring members because that will not build the party but will divide it further. We must not bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich and pretend all is well because that route leads to doom,” Mtayachalo said.

“Politics is about numbers, so UPND cannot stop MMD members from joining them. Similarly, MMD cannot stop UPND members from joining the MMD. The opposition will always be playing in the hands of the ruling party every time there is a grievance among ourselves when we rush to the media to denounce a fellow opposition party.