Msoni shocked with convict Masumba’s behavor like nothing happened

Masumba at prison with family

Sports deputy minister Stephen Masumba is flanked by his mother and New Revolution party president Cosmo Mumba after he was released from detention on November 20, 2013 – Picture by Joseph Mwenda – Post

Masumba who was on Monday convicted for forging a certificate from NIPA so he could get a job on Tuesday said according to The Post that he was having a good and peaceful stay in Kamwala Remand Prison, where he has met some of his keen followers.

He also told the people who visited him that include PF Ministers and officials to convey his greetings to the nation and supporters.

Masumba said his wife and family members had been worried that he would be shaken once in jail but asked them not to worry because he was making the most of his stay in prison.

But Msoni says it is shocking for any known political convict whether on bail or not to continue behaving like nothing really happened.

“Any serving Minister found guilty as charged and subsequently convicted has a moral obligation to step-a-side without waiting for the do-nothing political principal to do nothing as usual,” Msoni charged. “We think it would be a tragic mistake and grave omission and an insult to the Zambian public to let a Jailbird to be driven in a Ministerial Vehicle with a flag flying high like nothing consequential really happened as political events start unraveling and pointing to lawlessness in the country.”

He said Justice should be seen to be applied equally and fairly to all Zambians whether poor or rich.

Msoni said Zambian prisons where not built and erected just to cater for the ordinary citizens but for every errant citizen or non-citizen irrespective of their station in life.

“It has now become a tolerable habit for the affluent to simply buy freedom via exorbitant cash-for- bail condition after being convicted by subordinate courts and continue to enjoy life like nothing really happened,” he observed. “This is where the criminal Justice system is failing the common man who can’t reasonably meet the high cost attached to the process of appealing to the higher court whether he is wrongly convicted or not.”

He said in most cases even where there is glaring embellishment and errors of law, the common man is driven into prison like sheep headed to a slaughter house with no recourse to Appeal as this channel is prohibitive due to the high exorbitant fees that are charged that do not reflect the financial characteristics of society.