Msoni: Sata has lamentably failed, nothing will take away RB’s international credibility

Veteran politician Nasan Msoni has advised president Michael Sata and his PF to prioritize politics to benefit Zambians instead of engaging in fruitless and protracted pursuit of perceived political enemies real or imaginary .

Msoni told the Watchdog that insisting on lifting the immunity of former president Rupiah Banda is certainly not an immediate priority for most Zambians.

‘This government and its ministers should stop personalizing issues of president Banda and should instead focus its energies on fulfilling its campaign promises. It’s now over 16 months that the PF government has been in power and clearly there is nothing to show for it.’

He said  Sata has lamentably failed to hold even something that looks like a press conference to help give the country direction let alone even taking questions from journalist during his regular infamous swearing ceremonies at state house.