Mr. President please help us on this death trap – Kitwe residents

Nyerere Road, a death trap

Nyerere Road, a death trap

To the Editor,,

Please, let this message enter the ears of our leaders in Kitwe District and the entire Zambia. The contractor and all the leaders behind the construction of Nyerere Road were negligent and careless.

This is a very busy road which is just next to Kitwe Main Primary School.  Fast moving tracks, cars and buses to and from Kitwe Main Bus(KMB) Station use this road. Pupils from nearby compounds  cross this road to enter and leave the school.

Hence the Road is a serious Death Trap for the Pupils. As a community from Kandabwe and St. Anthony, we have tried to appeal to School Administrators to talk to Civic leaders to build HUMPS across the road to reduce the speed of the cars but nothing is taking place.

We were told that the School Administration and the District Education Office applied for this cardinal facility to the Civic Leaders,but they seem not to be interested. Even the District Commissioner, Mr.Elias Kamanga is aware of this problem,but doesn’t care.

Just few weeks ago our friend’s child was Bashed by a Car from KMB. Even with that Nobody cares

Please, help us to have this information get to the President.We are aware that our lives are in danger for publishing this story about Existing Death Trap Along Nyerere Road.

Don’t mention anybody’s name.

Affected Kitwe residents.