Mpongwe is voting

The residents of Mpongwe are voting today in by-election in a tightly contested poll where there is no clear winner.

Polling begun at 6am local time and is expected to close at 6pm this evening. Counting will begun at 6pm though final results will only be announced early Friday.

Five political parties are taking part in the poll whose campiagn were chracterised by violence. These are the governing Patriotic Front – PF, UPND, former ruling party -MMD, NAREP and UNIP another former ruling party.

The poll is being held following the resignation of Gabriel Namulambe from MMD to PF. He is re-contesting the seat on the PF ticket.

Yesterday the residence of the UPND candidate were set ablaze by suspected PF cadres and the matter was reported to police. But the PF campaign leader Jean Kapata dismissed the allegations saying her party had nothing to do with UPND because it was not a factor in the area.

The other by-election in Livingstone has been postponed due to violence that resulted into lose of life. There are however 36 local government by-elections taking place across the country.