Motorists bemoan lack of service station in Chirundu

MOTORISTS in Chirundu district say the lack of filling stations in the area has forced them to buy fuel from Siavonga and the Zimbabwean border.

Gift Chanda, a resident said there was need to open up filling stations in order to reduce on the high fuel prices from the vendors on the street.

“Sometimes we buy fuel from the vendors on the street although they are very expensive and we also buy from Zimbabwean side and Siavonga. We want to see investors or government to open filling stations here. Yes, we had a filling station long time ago but it doesn’t work,” he said.

Chanda complained that the fuel from vendors contained residue and was sometimes mixed with kerosene or water.

And Billy Kamutatu, a fuel vendor, said lack of filling stations in Chirundu forced him to sell fuel on the streets to earn a living although it was illegal.

“Although selling of the fuel on the street is illegal, I do supply fuel to the motorists and government vehicles in the area,” said Kamutatu.