‘Most African children not applying what they learn’

PUPILS at primary school level in most African countries fail to comprehend basic reading and numeric skills, observes a research group.

In an interview, Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality (SACMEQ) acting director Toziba Masalila said the quality of education in most African countries had been compromised.

SACMEQ is an international organisation with a membership of 15 African countries.

“When you look at the general results, you will find that mostly in these countries our pupils at grade six don’t acquire high level skills that they are expected to acquire at that grade. Like take reading, most of them on average you will find that yes, they can read, but they don’t really read in such a way that they can read and apply,” Masalila said. “But according to the syllabus, you will find that in most countries at that level they should read with an understanding in such a way that they can apply.