More misery as PF decides to remove maize subsidies

Moribund and ailing Zambian dictator’s government president Michael Sata has again added more misery to the Zambian population within a space of one week, this time by removing the maize subsidies that will lead to an immediate price increase on the price of the staple food mealie meal.
And University of Zambia (UNZA) students immediately matched to the privately owned Muvi TV station to protest against the new punitive measure by the PF government that promised to lower people’s living conditions.
The placard carrying UNZA students stormed Muvi TV studios chanting anti-government slogan.
Meanwhile, in a clear case of lack of cohesion in the crumbling PF government, Agriculture Minister Bob Sichinga has again reversed the reversed ban on maize exports as the PF cadres have exported all the maize to neighbouring countries.