Money being used for by-elections is illegal says Mulongoti

People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says the money government is using on by-elections is illegal. Mulongoti said this is because all the money budgeted for by-elections this year has been exhausted.

He alleged that the KR 4 million that was allocated was already exhausted and government has not gone back to Parliament to ask for supplementary budget to hold these By-Elections.

Mulongoti has also described the ‘induced by-elections’ as a share waste of money. He has meanwhile brushed aside government’s defense over the removal of the subsidy saying it should use other means to raise money for projects than remove the subsidy.

He explained that government should introduce windfall tax to maximum of the taxes which could be used to develop key sectors of the economy and help fight poverty.

Mulongoti who was speaking on ‘ Let the People Talk’ programme on Radio Phoenix on Tuesday said it is unnecessary for the present to send about 80 ministers to go out and start explaining to the people why they have removed the subsidy. He said this will be making unnecessary costs which could also be used in other areas.

Mulongoti, a Former Minister in the MMD government has since advised the PF government to use public resources prudently.