Monde says he’s not shaken over UPND suspension

ITEZHI-Tezhi UPND member of parliament Greyford Monde says he is not shaken over his suspension from the party for accepting to serve in government.

But UPND secretary general Winston Chibwe says issues to do with Monde’s suspension should be strictly treated as an internal matter.

In an interview, Monde said he had exculpated himself on various charges leveled against him.

“Up to February 18, 2013 that is when the letter was delivered to me from the secretariat for the suspension the party had mentioned. The letter was dated February 15, 2013, but I received it on Wednesday. You can imagine without even giving me time and because of those deadlines I was compelled to quickly respond and I submitted my letter,” he said.

Monde said the charges that were contained in the letter the party had written him were not detailed.

“There was destabilising the party, issuing unauthorised statements, not working with the party in my constituency.