M’membe Fires Three Live Shots to Disperse PF Cadres

A paranoid Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe on Friday fired three live shots in the air when ruling Patriotic Front cadres stormed his premises on Bwinjifumu Road in Lusaka’s upmarket Rhodes Park area to register their delight at the sacking of Wynter Kabimba.

M’membe and others in what has become to be known as the cartel were propping Kabimba to take over as Republican president following a down turn in the health of President Michael Sata.

Kabimba’s ambitions came to a crashing end on Thursday when President Sata announced a shock dismissal of one of his favourite ministers and party chief executive. He was dropped from both portfolios and loses his third as nominated member of parliament.

When news of Kabimba’s firing broke, Zambians – except M’membe, Mutembo Nchito and Rajan Mathani – broke into wild celebrations. The celebrations continued into yesterday with street demonstrations.

The cadres led by Julius Komaki, a PF cadre who shed his blood calling for Kabimba’s removal, visited M’membe as if to tease him about his friend’s fate.

Komaki’s team was however met by an armed M’membe who threatened to shoot if the cadres dared entering the Post premises.

But as the huge crowd attempted to force their way in, M’membe brought out his pistol and fired three times in the air sending the cadres in different directions before the gates to the entrance were locked for business.

M’membe’s journalism standards after trading them for silver and gold in the form of government contracts and other favours are being questioned even by cab reporters who considered the once star journalist a hero.

Below is a social media commentary by a young Lusaka-based journalist Kunda Kunda.

I first of all need to confess that I was once an ardent follower of the Post Newspaper and a great admirer of their Editor-in-Chief Fred M’membe.

This is because I was made to believe that the Post Newspaper was a Paper that stood for public interest and was only willing to play their sacred role of watchdog over the Party in Government.

Colleagues like Chiko Mukoka, Anton Shansonga Yotam Mugara, Speaker Hector Simfukwe, Farmer H E Michael Mazakaza , just to mention a few would tell you how I would sacrifice my little money meant to buy Monk Sauce (Kapenta) just to buy the Post Newspaper… The combination of powerful front page headlines, Fred M’membes editorial comments, Edem Djokotoes powerful and insightful articles, Kalaki’s and Yuss’ humor just made the Post Newspaper a household brand and a hope for Zambians with differing views…

Today when I see what makes headlines in the once influential Newspaper makes me wonder what has gone wrong with the Post Newspaper… Why has Fred M’membe failed to heed to his own aice, the aice he gave to their excellencies Fredrick Chiluba, Levy Patric Mwanawasa, and Rupiah Bwezani Banda?

After the PF came into power we have seen a 360 degrees turnabout in the conduct of the Post Newspaper..From a Newspaper that promoted public interest issues like Chiluba is a thief or questioning the funny shielding of one Kashiwa Bulaya by the Levy Mwanawasa administration after he bought fake ARVS to a Newspaper that has become media that only channels narrow interests .. Now we see headlines like “Am Not fat am just big,Chishimba Kambwili… ..” “Orange Boy beats me” duh who the hell is orange boy?

Today Fred Mm’embe insinuated in his editorial that those of us who did not, does not and will never support fallen Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC are misguided, corrupt, not right thinking Zambians and a tribal clique… .. Mr. Fred sorry to say but you are the one who is mis-guided… . You have overrated yourself and think Zambians owe you a life… . Zambians only supported you and your Newspaper because they thought you were on their side… … . But now every right thinking Zambian cannot help but speculate that you only criticized past Presidents probably because they denied you kickbacks on business deals or other Government deals… … … …

Mr. M’membe all of us could see clearly that you had a special interest in arrogant, self Righteous Wynter Kabimba and that you were pushing him towards a certain direction that could have seen him ruling Zambia in your own dreams or imagination… .

Am not surprised that you think you are the only right thinking Zambian but even us can see through bullshit… … The next in the line of downfall is you… … .

Source : Zambia Reports

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