MMD will sink like UNIP, says Chiputa

A UNIVERSITY of Zambia lecturer in the School of Humanities Dr Euston Chiputa says MMD will sink like UNIP did after it boycotted elections in 1996.

Dr Chiputa, a history lecturer, said in an interview that the MMD’s decision to stop participating in by-elections because the whole electoral system had allegedly become “fraudulent” would send the former ruling party to the political doldrums.

“If you remember in 1996, UNIP boycotted elections against the MMD. That proved very fatal to the UNIP as a political party because up to now, UNIP has not recovered after that boycott,” Dr Chiputa said. “The problem is the reasons they are giving for the boycott of election” I think a careful study of what is happening in the MMD will reveal a lot of things, pointing to the fact that as at now the MMD is disorganised. There is so much in-fighting and finger pointing and quarrelling and all sorts of problems the party is going through.