MMD should be the last to defend corruption, says Chali

MMD members should be the last ones to defend corruption because what they did to this country was persecution of the poor, says Central Province PF chairman Benson Chali.

Chali, in an interview, said the MMD “is a group of thieves” and that it is normal for thieves to defend their colleagues.

“They (MMD) are still persecuting the people,” he said.

Chali said the best thing that happened to the country was the removal of former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity.

He said even those who defended Banda before his immunity was removed had now realised that the government had done the right thing.

“It is unfair for people to accuse the PF of persecuting Rupiah. This country belongs to all of us, both the rich and the poor. People must realise that politics is not a money making venture but it is about serving the people. If the people are happy with what one is doing, they are going to give him support,” said Chali.