MMD sees ‘new hope for Zambia’

MMD does not have the insatiable appetite to kick out PF from power, says the party’s vice-president Michael Kaingu.

Kaingu yesterday said MMD would not kill any human being just for a vote.

He said UPND had its own formulas of unseating PF from power.

“How can we support them UPND when we have our own distance to run, we can’t. They have their own formula. Us we don’t have a formula. We have a vision for Zambia. We have a new slogan not ‘the hour has come’ but ‘new hope for Zambia’. We have a vision we don’t have these formulae,” he said in reference to UPND’s Mapatizya formula, which is blamed for violence during by-elections.

“I am so glad that PF has recognised that we are peaceful. We don’t have the propensity or insatiable appetite to kick-out the PF government. What we want to do ourselves is, first of all to do proper checks and balances. PF must understand that if they allow us to do proper checks and balances, it will help them govern.