MMD, PF have failed to add value to what UNIP left – Anamela

UNIP vice-president Njekwa Anamela has charged that the MMD and PF administrations have failed to sustain and add value to the degree of development that his political party left when it was voted out of power in 1991.

And Anamela has urged the electorate in Kapiri Mposhi to vote for an opposition member of parliament in Tuesday’s by-election for purposes of providing checks and balances to government.

Speaking when he addressed a public meeting at Kapiri Mposhi Town Centre ground to drum up support for UNIP candidate Francis Mwape in the forthcoming constituency by-election, Anamela said UNIP was the only political party that could boast of delivering meaningful development to the people of Zambia when it formed government from 1964 to 1991.