MMD needs UPND to win in 2016 – Chipungu

KENNETH Chipungu says MMD needs to work together with the UPND to win 2016 elections.

And MMD vice-president for administration Dr Brian Chituwo says MMD is a big brother of UPND.

And Dr Chituwo has urged party members to allow Nevers Mumba to prove himself.

In interview yesterday, Chipungu, who is the party’s chairperson for elections, called for unity among opposition party leaders.

“For us the working relationship is already there. Let us wait and see. I think you know that currently it is very difficult to win elections in this country, especially as the opposition. If we worked together with the UPND, you know yourself the results. We would have been in power now. We need to work together with the UPND to win 2016 elections,” he said.

Chipungu said opposition political parties needed to have a common ground on various issues.

“Whether you are in the MMD or UPND, the idea is to check the government in power.