MMD members can now compel NEC to call for convention – Namugala

CATHERINE Namugala says MMD members have met the required numbers to compel the party’s national executive committee (NEC) to call for an extraordinary convention within a month.

Namugala, the Mafinga member of parliament, who was expelled by the party last year has formed what she calls the MMD Convention Pressure Group, and has vowed to fight on until members removed party president Nevers Mumba for alleged incompetence.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Namugala appealed to party national chairman Kabinga Pande and the NEC to quickly call for a convention.

“”We are now pleased to inform the nation that in fulfillment of article 15 of our constitution, we have now managed to get more than the required one-third of the provincial executive committees to petition NEC to hold the convention within the stipulated one month,” she said. “These petitions are from Muchinga Province, Central Province, Luapula Province and Northern Province.