MMD Lusaka District Disowns Bowman Lusambo

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Lusaka District Chairman has written a letter to the party’s National Executive Commission requesting that Bowman Lusambo be expelled from the party for impersonating a non-existent appointment and distributing unsanctioned media statements.

Lusambo, a longtime cadre who had described himself as the leader of “Die Hard MMD Youths,” had recently distributed a statement arguing that former President Rupiah Banda was “too old” to be a presidential candidate – allegedly being paid to distribute the statement by Mulenga Sata, who harbours his own presidential ambitions.

According to the letter to NEC signed by Blackson E. Lungu, according to the party constitution and the organizational structure, there exists no such group known as “Die Hard MMD Youths,” and that Mr. Lusambo “has shown no respect toward senior members of our party MMD.”

“As Lusaka District, we have resolved to disown the self-made impostor named above. We further recommend that disciplinary action be taken which should not be less than complete expulsion from our party MMD,” the letter reads.

Source : Zambia Reports

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