MMD has a lot of gold diggers – Kaingu

MMD has a lot of ‘gold diggers’, says the party’s vice-president for political affairs, Michael Kaingu.

Kaingu said some MMD members were in the party for material gain.

“I want to agree with Wynter Kabimba, that some of our colleagues were in the party for material gain. That is why they have gone to the PF, and it is shameful,” he said.

“They must feel ashamed that Kabimba can insult them in the manner that he has insulted them. I want Kabimba to tell them in their faces. All those who have gone to the PF are not in politics to serve the people, but themselves. Kabimba is right.”

On Saturday, PF secretary general Kabimba said the MMD was crumbling because its members were in it for money.

But Kaingu, who is also Mwandi MMD member of parliament, urged the PF to be wary of MMD members joining the ruling party.

“What I have noticed is that PF has started welcoming gold diggers. They go to PF to dig gold. I am glad that he (Kabimba) has said it,” he said.