MMD expresses shock at ex-MP’s defection to UPND

MMD national secretary Kapembwa Simbao says the party is shocked that their former member of parliament for Kapiri Mposhi Lawrence Zimba has opted to re-contest the seat on the UPND ticket.

Commenting on the decision by Zimba to re-contest the parliamentary seat on the UPND ticket because of what he termed bickering in the MMD, Simbao said it was sad that Zimba had made that decision.

“I am shocked if that’s the position he has taken because as far as I am concerned, I think in Kapiri we are still very popular. I don’t know what has made him make that decision,” Simbao said.

But when reminded that it was because of the alleged bickering in the former ruling party, Simbao said: “That’s very sad because every organisation will go through some disturbance at one time. That does not mean that’s the end of that organisation.”

He said the MMD would try to talk to Zimba with the hope of convincing him to change his mind.