Mkaika By-Election: What lesson can PF learn?


By Isaac M. Mwanza and Naver Chayelela

Isaac M. Mwanza

The PF must learn a lesson from Mkaika. Despite a heavy presence of all heavy weights in Mkaika such as GBM and threats by President Sata that development wont be taken to Mkaika if they vote for opposition, the people have spoken have not been deterred and have unshakenly spoken.

PF must address the issue of:
1. Fuel (The villagers were complaining of increased transport costs)

2. Mealie-Meal, Maize and fertiliser subsidies (Mkaika has complained of the prices that are daily shooting up)

3. RB Case (Mkaika has said as long as they continue to see RB being victimised by State institutions, its better to die with him than be the Judas for the sake of promisory notes on development)

4. Road Projects: It seems PF are getting tired of just witnessing launches of road projects and not seeing the real work. Convince the people with deeds and not just launches

Congratulations to Hon. Peter Phiri and the MMD

Naver Chayelela

A few pertinent lessons

1. The political opportunism of individuals must no longer be tolerated and rewarded with re-election. Rather, such politicians who think they can continue taking the Zambian people for granted must be severely punished at the ballot box with overwhelming rejection.

2. Electoral violence, intimidation and corruption must not be allowed to rear their ugly heads and determine the outcome of any elections. They must be resisted by condemning and overwhelmingly rejecting – with utter contempt and disgust – all those who perpetrate and perpetuate such vices.

3. Threats of perpetual poverty and lack of development by the President for constituencies which choose not to vote for his party’s candidate must be categorically condemned, rejected with the extreme contempt such comments deserve and be severely punished at the ballot box for their undemocratic, hypocritical and irrational nature. Democracy is not about blackmail, duress and intimidation. It’s about convincing citizens through reasoned policy arguments, debates and discussions. It’s about citizens making independent and free choices borne out of their own values, principles, convictions and desire for a better life for themselves and their families.

As the electorate therefore, let us always remain vigilant and hold our elected officials accountable. They are our servants and we are their masters. They must fear and respect us by carrying out the job for which they have been elected with extreme care, dedication and excellence.

As they serve us, let us constantly remind them that the time of reckoning is always nigh. If they are weighed and found wanting, they must rest assured that the appropriate punishment will be meted out at the ballot box. This is how we can help build our nascent democracy.