Miyanda in verbal exchange with Mwanalushi

BRIGADIER General Godfrey Miyanda yesterday engaged in an altercation with national convention chairperson Professor Muyunda Mwanalushi when he accused the latter of mishandling proceedings.

This was during debate on the acquisition and protection of property as proposed in the first draft constitution.

Article 44 (1) states that: “A person has the right, either individually or in association with others, to acquire and own property (a) of any description; and (b) in any part of Zambia.”

Brig Gen Miyanda, who had earlier debated on the article, stood at a later stage to contribute on other provisions of the same article.

And when he was given an opportunity, Brig Gen Miyanda complained that the chairperson had allowed people to debate three times what he had earlier said.

“You have allowed people to comment on what I said here three times. You are the one who has created a problem,” an emotionally charged Brig Gen Miyanda said.