‘Missing’ Bishop Causing Twists in Suicide Case

The case involving sex crazed Holy Fire Ministries Bishop Dominic Kanyika took a dramatic twist when a combined team of Zambia Police and fire brigade officers retrieved an unidentified body from the Kafue River in Kitwe.

Bishop Kanyika staged a mysterious disappearance that has been treated with a pinch of salt after his wife claimed he dived in the Kafue River in an apparent suicide mission but only she seems to believe that version of events.

On Monday when the case came up in court and the fugitive bishop was absent, there were calls by the prosecution to invoke contempt proceedings and lock up the sureties of the randy Holy Fire clergyman.

Police, who have launched investigations into the matter of the disappearance, thought they had made a breakthrough when a body was seen floating in Kafue River but their enthusiasm was dimmed after it emerged it was the wrong body although relatives have been called in to help identify the body that was spotted near Kapoto Compound.

The clergyman is facing nine counts of sexual assault and harassment involving church members.

Source : Zambia Reports

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