MISA Zambia Financial Scandal Triggers Panic

A MISA-Zambia financial expose in which director Herbert Macha is allegedly at the centre of the unaccounted K90 million (KR 90, 000 rebased) has triggered panic within the media advocacy body with the official launching a hunt for the whistleblower.

Zambia Reports recently revealed a scandal at the media institution that was allegedly being covered up by the body’s chairman Nalumino Nalumino who is a station manager at an adventist radio outlet in Kabwe – Radio Maranatha.

According to insiders at the secretariat, Macha’s nerves broke lose when the scandal was publicly exposed by Zambia Reports and he started making frantic calls to his staff to identify the culprits that might have blown the issue from the underside of the MISA branded carpet.

The sources said Macha has since been forced to cut short his leave and stormed the secretariat one of the mornings fuming with fits of rage at every staff that he suspected to be a whistleblower.